Flexible Dieting

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the word “DIET” Skipping meals? Eating clean? It is a common misconception that diet is best done by skipping meals or eating meals that look like a herbivore’s lunch. “Diet” food often consists of greens, fruits, a couple of eggs and maybe some.

What’s Inside the Nasi Lemak?

We Malaysians love our nasi lemak, so much so that we’re turning them into burgers. Its spicy goodness often leaves us mouthwatering just by thinking about it.But as much as we love the meal, its nutritious benefit is questionable. The TIME magazine claims nasi lemak as one of the 10 healthy international breakfasts… a claim by.

3 Deadlift Variations for Beginners

If you are looking to start strength training right, the deadlift is one exercise that MUST be in the weekly routine. Dubbed as the “mother of all exercises”, deadlifts, when done right, efficiently targets most major muscle groups in the body and improves your overall posterior chain. Like most exercises, the deadlift comes with varieties of.

5 Gym Bag Checklist

Some of us pack almost nothing to the gym while others are geared to survive a zombie apocalypse. If you are new, there are some things you want to fill your gym bag up with before hitting the gym. We’re leaving out the protein stacks and lifting belts and only looking at the essentials that.

adidas Cloudfoam Lite Racer

Looking for an affordable yet stylish and flashy sneaker? The Adidas Cloudfoam Lite Racer delivers just that. Appealing to both boys and girls with its woven jacquard upper that showcases an animal-inspired dot pattern, the Cloudfoam is built for all-day comfort whether you’re wearing for daily use or for running. Versatility is its middle name..

Hooray Better Shake

Hooray Better Shake, a product of Crossmax Retail Co.,Ltd from Thailand, is a milkshake that’s rich in taste and protein content. The shake’s milk protein comes from grass-fed cows in New Zealand. The product boasts of having no other additives but real milk and stevia sweetener. Flavours There are three flavours available- Dark Chocolate, Vanilla.