Surviving Lockdown!

5 Tips to Keeping Fit At Home

Having a problem keeping yourself occupied during the MCO? Here are five tips to prevent you from turning into a couch potato.

1. Watch What You Munch

Don’t go on an eating frenzy just because you are bored at home. Every bite you take adds to your body’s caloric requirement, therefore you better be cautious not to develop a snacking habit. Snacking is fine if in moderation. When you are out restocking your supplies, try to reduce buying snacks as much as you can. Go for low caloric or healthier choices (check out Cabana Acai Berries, Signature Market, MyProtein, iherb, amazin’ graze and San Shu Gong for great choices of snacks) that don’t contribute badly to your body. Additionally, keep yourself busy and distracted so you don’t go scavenging the fridge. Constantly taking sips of water can help.

2. Count Your Macros

Being in the comfort of your home, you may cook or eat more than usual. Remember, the MCO isn’t a pass to cheat day. Make sure you still abide by your macro needs. If you need more details on how to stick to a flexible diet, do read our article on it.

3. Exercise at Home

Not being able to get to the gym isn’t an excuse to turn sloth. It’s time to go old school and work with ultimate gym equipment- our body. As cheesy as it seems, bodyweight workout is the way to go during the home imprisonment. Push-ups, bodyweight squats, tricep dips are great basics to start with. Increase the tension of your workouts by adding more sets or reps, using the slow method. Add variations to your workout. Just like in the gym, challenge yourself. If conventional squats are too easy, try pistol squats. Now could be the time to practice handstand pushups as well.

4. Keep Yourself Busy

Even if we’re required to work from home during the lockdown, we may find having drifting ourselves to boredom. Boredom will easily invite laziness. Don’t waste your time. Use that extra time you have to learn something new. Now’s the time to pick up a new skill or to pick up that guitar that’s been collecting dust. Try checking out Udemy. They have plenty of affordable short courses, and even free. Masterclass is also great for those looking to learn some serious skills. If you’re not interested in all that, maybe read a book?

5. Focus on the Little Things

Although the MCO might be a stressful period for most of us, it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on your family and the people around you. Re-connect with those that you’ve lost touch with. Watch a movie, or a that tv series you’ve been wanting to watch but couldn’t due to your tight schedule. Take naps, enjoy the rest. Remember that time spent on recreation (if moderate) is not time wasted. Don’t be stressed that you couldn’t hit the gym. Now’s the time you could focus on your flexibility.

Certified in Nutrition and General Fitness, Surin was a Tae Kwan Do instructor and a kickboxer before finding his footing in fitness writing. He also coaches on muscular fitness and assists in formulating specific training and meal plans for those looking to achieve physical wellness.

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