5 Beginner’s Tips to Surviving Gym

Your first day to the gym can be frightening. The stations look like it’s engineered for rocket scientists. Every corner is flooded with testosterone-filled dudes and dudess grunting their reps away.

Then there’s you, clueless and questioning if you even belong there.

Trust us when we say, we all have been that rookie. It’s okay to walk into the gym not knowing what to expect, however, doing a little homework before you hit the weights can take you a long way. Just like sitting for an exam paper, preparing yourself before a workout session is what separates us and noobs.

So if you are that newbie, here’s how you can get started:

1: Have a workout schedule

The most important thing newbies miss out on is not having a plan on what they want to do in the gym. Preparation is the key to a good workout and not look like you are there inspecting the weights. Do your homework. There are loads of tips and schedules that can be picked up from the internet. Choose what you think is easy and suits you and follow it accordingly. Keep reading or watching informational contents on workouts and ask the pros around there for a tip or two and you’ll find yourself making the most out of your sessions.

2: Be prepared to make friends

Go into the gym with a happy, open-mind. Don’t be shy to be the one to break the ice. The big guys may look scary but they love it when someone tries to learn from them. Just start with a friendly “Hi” or at least a smile and nod. Then try to have small conversations by introducing yourself and getting to know the other guy’s/ girl’s name. Keep doing this until you change the strangers in the gym to friends. It’ll make it easier for you to find a spotter or share workout tips. Remember, make sure you are not interfering with their workouts.

3: Get a gym buddy

One of the biggest motivators in the gym is your gym buddy. Try to get someone who is more experienced than you. Having a good gym buddy will improve your performance and keeps you motivated. If you can find a friend to tag along, make friends with the other members in the gym and workout along with them. Dealing with heavy weights without a spotter or not having someone to watch your form is dangerous. Trust me, I learned it the hard way.

4: Don’t be shy or intimidated

Not all of us looked like Ryan Reynolds when we first hit the gym. All that chiselled abs and bubble butts were once too skinny or fat before it was carved. So if you are looking at the mirror and thinking when you are going to look as sexy as your wallpaper, just remember, you are a work in progress. Most of the before-after pics you see on your social media may mislead you to think that a few session could straight away make you see a massive change in your body. That’s bullshit. Depending on your age, diet, workout’s intensity, frequency and lifestyle, it may range from months to years to get that dream body.

5: Don’t idle away

There’s always this guy in the gym who sits idly at the stations scrolling his phone after each rep or set. Don’t be that guy! When you are in the gym, stay focused. You only need a good hour or two to finish your workouts and go off. Everything else can come after that. Treat your workout session as to how you’ll treat your job. WITH RESPECT AND DISCIPLINE. Besides, idling also means you are also hogging the station from others. You may have a lot of time to waste, but others don’t. Move your ass.

Certified in Nutrition and General Fitness, Surin was a Tae Kwan Do instructor and a kickboxer before finding his footing in fitness writing. He also coaches on muscular fitness and assists in formulating specific training and meal plans for those looking to achieve physical wellness.