5 Gym Bag Checklist

Some of us pack almost nothing to the gym while others are geared to survive a zombie apocalypse. If you are new, there are some things you want to fill your gym bag up with before hitting the gym.

We’re leaving out the protein stacks and lifting belts and only looking at the essentials that everyone should have.

MUST HAVE 1: A Set of Clean Clothes

You should always have two sets of clothes before hitting the gym. One to wear during your workout and the other when on you’re done. Always be geared with right apparels during your workout. Although it may sound like common sense, quite often we’ve seen gym-goers clad in jeans or even formal clothes. Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Also, PLEASE don’t wear the same sweaty clothes you wore during the workout when you leave the gym. Some gyms have showers. Take a shower and freshen up before you leave. Walking around with sweaty clothes is not only disgusting, you are also inviting skin infections.

MUST HAVE 2: A Medium-sized Water Bottle

Carry a water bottle with you at all times so you can always hydrate yourself. It’s much easier to re-fill your water and sip out of it instead of running to the water fountain every time you are thirsty.

MUST HAVE 3: A Tough Padlock

Most gyms have lockers to keep your valuables but you have to bring your own padlocks. Some of us love leaving our belongings exposed, hoping no one’s going to bother it. There have been cases of theft in gyms, and it’s too late for regrets if it happens to you.

MUST HAVE 4: Hand Towel

If the gym didn’t provide you with any hand towel, bring your own. You don’t want to sit on sweaty benches or have others sit on yours. Always wipe the benches before and after you use a station.

MUST HAVE 5: Proper Gym Shoes

READ THIS OUT LOUD : Canvas sneakers aren’t gym shoes!

Get yourself a good sports shoe or lifting shoes. Canvases, flip-flops, Crocs or Vibrams are a BIG NO. Even a 5kg plate falling onto your foot is enough to realise stepping on a lego is child’s play. Only go barefooted if your workout requires you to do so but wear your shoes immediately after that.

Certified in Nutrition and General Fitness, Surin was a Tae Kwan Do instructor and a kickboxer before finding his footing in fitness writing. He also coaches on muscular fitness and assists in formulating specific training and meal plans for those looking to achieve physical wellness.