Hooray Better Shake

Hooray Better Shake, a product of Crossmax Retail Co.,Ltd from Thailand, is a milkshake that’s rich in taste and protein content. The shake’s milk protein comes from grass-fed cows in New Zealand. The product boasts of having no other additives but real milk and stevia sweetener. Flavours There are three flavours available- Dark Chocolate, Vanilla.

Ronnie Coleman’s King Whey

There was a week when I ran out of my protein supply and thank god the grocery shop below my gym had some individually packed on-the-go packs. There were two brands available, Heal and King Whey. King Whey instantly caught my eye due to its packaging. Unlike most individually packed protein supplements, King Whey was.

Promex Z Whey

Promex Z Whey was introduced to me by House Atlas, and in my opinion, it is one of the best tasting whey protein supplements I’ve had. First, the servings come in sachets, and you purchase based on how many sachets you need. That means you can buy based on what fits your bill. No need to worry about.