Hooray Better Shake

Hooray Better Shake, a product of Crossmax Retail Co.,Ltd from Thailand, is a milkshake that’s rich in taste and protein content. The shake’s milk protein comes from grass-fed cows in New Zealand. The product boasts of having no other additives but real milk and stevia sweetener.


There are three flavours available- Dark Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee Latte. I find the Dark Chocolate has a rich chocolatey taste without being too sweet, while the Coffee Latte and Vanilla are rather mild with stronger milkier taste.

Serving Size

Each of bottle is about 330ml. It serves about 27g, except for the Dark Chocolate flavour which has an additional 2g. Both the Dark Chocolate and the Coffee Latte serves 200 kcal while the Vanilla flavour serves 10 kcal less.


The most I like about the Hooray Better Shake is the price. Most high-protein milkshakes have a hefty tag on them but I’m guessing because it’s from an Asian country, the Hooray Better Shake was priced only a little over RM 8. Of course, you can get your


No additives, rich taste, affordable, certified halal and 1% contribution to charity, the Hooray Better Shake is a great choice for those who aren’t a fan of protein powders but still needing help to achieve it in their daily requirement. It may cost as much as a 1L milk carton, but when compared to the nutritional value and sugar content, it’s easily the better choice. However, my biggest issue with the Hooray Better Shake is… I can’t find a decent place selling it.

In short:

  • Protein content 7/10
  • Taste 7/10
  • Availability 2/10

For more information about the product, visit their website or follow their Facebook .

Certified in Nutrition and General Fitness, Surin was a Tae Kwan Do instructor and a kickboxer before finding his footing in fitness writing. He also coaches on muscular fitness and assists in formulating specific training and meal plans for those looking to achieve physical wellness.